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ShinBang moments
               Bedhead Minwoo (yes please and thank u)

IU’s ice bucket challenge ©
+ she nominated f(x)’s Luna, Akdong Musician, and her manager

March 24th 1998 - August 26th 2014

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I know I’m late… but better later than never, right? You reckless kid… Our cry baby, our sensitive baby bird… Happy belated birthday, Choongjae~ You know you have a special place in my weary heart, right? But you gotta stop visiting my dreams, it’s getting really weird, you know? But I’m very thankful anyways, because it makes me feel less lonely… I could make a list out of the things I want to thank you for, but right now there’s only two things.. Thank you for being so strong during these 34 years… Thank you, because you are one of the main reasons of why I want to try things out as a dancer again, and even though I have to wait until the summer, I will try my best.  I need to heal little by little, right? Please never stop smiling, Jin-ah. Never lose that beautiful glow that still surrounds you.


"There’s a girl among the students!"

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